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10 10 2017 Monroe City Council MEETING CANCELED LACK OF QUORUM Agenda

Written by Emalee Curtis. Posted in Agenda.

OCTOBER 11, 2017
Notice is hereby given that the Monroe City Council will meet on WEDNESDAY, October 11, 2017 at the Monroe City Hall, 10 North Main, which meeting shall begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. The agenda shall be as follows. The order of business may be changed as time permits.
7:30 p.m.
1.  Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson conducting - Meeting called to order - Pledge of Allegiance - Prayer - Roll Call - Approval of minutes of previous meeting held September 12, 2017 
2.  Citizen input
3.  Business
      A.  Public Hearing - Proposed Power Rate Increase 
      B.  Resolution 10-01-2017 Amending the Monroe City Power Policy to allow parallel power and adopting revised power rates    
      C. Resolution 10-02-2017 Adopting Diversified Energy and Generation Policy    
      D. Resolution 10-03-2017  Approving the updated Monroe City Moderate Income Housing Plan as  Attachment "B” to the Monroe City General Plan      
      E. Recommendations: Monroe City Planning Commission:
a. Proposed Christiansen Subdivision plat amendment - 3-259-A-2 & 3-259A-3 & 3-259A-4 combining             three parcels into one parcel. Located at 467 West 800 South submitted by Bill & Holly Davis
b. Single lot split survey plat for property owned by Heaber Christensen, Dana  Lundgreen, Trustee
1-M27-6 containing 2.21 acres located at 400 North 135 East
c. Conditional use business license submitted by Diedre Jenkins for Center Stage Dance Academy located at 133 West 500 South  
        F. Approval of September warrant register, cash disbursements and adjustments journals
4.  Staff Reports  
September 2017  Department Budget Reports
Report on Utah Municipal Clerks Association (UMCA) annual conference
5.  Department business - reports and concerns - law enforcement concerns 
Councilmember Joseph Anderson-Streets Department-Weeds - Equipment -Youth Council 
Councilmember Perry Payne - Electric - Mosquito Abatement - Utility Board
Councilmember Fran Washburn - Parks - Library - Sr. Citizens
Councilmember Johnny Parsons - Water - Irrigation - Wastewater - Fire Department
Councilmember Michael Mathie-Cemetery-CERT-EMS-Landfill-Garbage-Planning Commission  
Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson - General Administration
6.  Adjournment
Posted this 10th day of October, 2017
I hereby certify that the foregoing notice and agenda was  posted at the Monroe City Hall and website at, posted on the Utah State Public Notice website and personally delivered to each member of   the Monroe City Council.
Emalee H. Curtis, Monroe City Recorder
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special  accommodations, (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) during this meeting  should notify Emalee Curtis (435)527-4621 at least 24 hours prior to this meeting. Monroe City is an equal opportunity employer and provider.     

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