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Utility Board Minutes 2/10/2009

Written by Allison Leavitt. Posted in Minutes.



February 10TH, 2009

6:00 p.m.


1.         Chairman Buddy Qualls conducting

The regular meeting of the Monroe City Utility Board was called to order at 6:00 p.m.by Chairman Buddy Qualls. Prayer was given by Councilmember Jean Okerlund-Vigil.       


Mayor -     R. Kirt Nilsson

Chairman- Buddy Qualls

Board Members- Perry Payne, Johnny Parsons, R.K. Nielson, Craig Mathie

Council Members- Jean Okerlund-Vigil, Lamar Ogden, Ed Oldroyd

City Treasurer Allison Leavitt

City Public Works Superintendent- Devin Magleby

City Water Superintendent- Rodney Wanlass


Darin Robinson – Jones & DeMille

Glen Phillips

Sandy Phillips

Hiram Smith

Pamela Smith

Ellie Johnson

Calvin Johnson

Raymond Weeks

Jerry Julander

Dallas Julander

Renton Barney

Approval of minutes of previous meeting  

A motion was made by Board Member Perry Payne, seconded by Board Member Johnny Parsons to approve the minutes of the August 26, 2008 Utility Board Meeting with the grammar corrections made. All in favor.  Motion carried.


2.         Business items

            (A) Selection of 2009 Chairperson – Board Member

Nomination of Buddy Qualls for the 2009 Chairperson was made by Board Member Perry Payne and seconded by Board Member R.K. Nielson.  All were in favor.  Buddy Quall will be the Chairperson for the year 2009 for the Monroe City Utility Board. 

            Because it is necessary to replace one of our board members this year so that we do not have more than two member terms expiring at the same time as per our by-laws, Craig Mathie has agreed to be replaced.  Craig has agreed to remain as an alternate board member if needed.  Buddy asked members of the board to think about who they would like to recommend to the council to fill this vacancy, and bring those names to our next board meeting.

            (B) Presentation by Darin Robinson from Jones and DeMille    

            Monroe City Irrigation System Capital Facilities Plan Summary

Darin from Jones & DeMille displayed a couple of maps and briefly went through the summary plan that was submitted to the city council and accepted by the council.  Complete copies of the summary are here tonight if any members want to take it home and study. 

            The city council has not acted on any of the recommendations that the summary outlines. The city council would like the utility board member to review these recommendations, for their input.

            Darin explained that the city’s irrigation system water supply comes from shares in the Monroe Creek, and shares in the South Bend Canal.  We also have shares in the Monroe Canal and very little in the Piute Canal, of which these are basically unobtainable.  The city has a great system in general, the system allows for the culinary water to spread farther and keep our water rates lower. The goal of the plan was to evaluate the system for any deficiencies in the source, water rights, distribution, and the pond.  

            It was recommended by the study that the city do some clean up work on their water rights and file a water change application to change from the strictly defined boundary in the Cox Decree to the city corporate boundary lines.   This will give the city more flexibility in providing irrigation water to residents, however we still will not be allowed to water more than the 422.7 acres with the Monroe Creek right.   

            Board Member R.K. Nielson questioned Darin about the Cox Decree and asked him to clarify the water rights.  Darin explained to him that the Monroe creek irrigation right has a very strict acreage boundary which is for 422.7 acres.  R.K. could not find this figure in the Cox Decree but did have a note in his book that stated 422.7 acres.  Darin will get back with him on what page number it is on.

            At this time a change application has been submitted and is in the process of being approved.  Watering time period is also being included in the change application to make the right a year round right.

            Right now the city has about 1008 acres currently within the build out boundary for irrigation, if you were to include all acreage within the city boundaries this number would be larger. 

            Based on a dry year, with the shares from the South Bend Canal this increases our acreage to 522 acres that can be watered.          

            One major problem facing our irrigation system is the amount of water residents are using.  As Jones & DeMille reviewed that data on our water usage it was determined that 5.9 acre feet was being applied to each acre, this should only be about 3.0 acre feet per acre.  With that being said Monroe City needs to encourage residents to conserve.

            We will try to educate Monroe residents through our city newsletter on the importance of water conservation.      

            Even with the over use of 5.9 acre feet, and with the possibility of an 11% growth over the next 20 years, Monroe City still has sufficient water rights.

            Improvement items- Jones & DeMille has recommended areas for new distribution and transmission lines. This would provide a better feed to certain areas of town.  And help with the growth expected in the next 20 years.                          

            Included in the capital facilities plan is a pump station from the Monroe Canal to our current system.  This could cost almost $100,000 and only provide a week worth of water.  This is something to look into, twenty years down the road the city could benefit from the pump station.

            Funding for the improvement recommendations will come from monies remaining from the South Bend Irrigation project.  There is approximately $200,000 left.  This is a good bidding market right now, and will add money into the local economy


            (C) Glen Phillips water line that is located outside the city limits.

Buddy’s understanding is that this is a shared line with Glen and Sandy Phillips and Edwin/Thomas Jenson.  Phillips’ and Jenson’s worked in a partnership to replace this line in the 1980’s.        

Sandy asked if she could read her prepared statement to summarize where Glen and she are coming from.  ** This is included with the minutes.

            Gordon Topham, Lamar Ogden have met with Glen and Thomas at different times over the past few months trying to work this out in a manner that would be fair to all.  As Lamar has visited with Thomas Jenson, he does not want to be exempt from the city’s new water policy pertaining to water taps outside the city limits. Sandy feels like this is none of her business what Thomas wants to do.  She has an agreement with the city from the 1980’s and this is what she would like to follow through on.

            After much discussion back and forth on what would be the best for all parties, Board Member Perry Payne suggested that because of the agreement made with Monroe City in the 1980’s, which can be verified, that the city take ownership of the line which provides water to both the Phillips’ and Jenson’s, and suspend the $20 monthly surcharge fee to these meters as long as the current owners own the property.

            Discussion about other water meters that are very close to the city limits how is this fair to them, because their lines are fairly new and will not require a lot of maintenance.  The reason this is looked at differently is that the Phillips’ and Jenson’s did use their own resources to install this line; no other users have done this.

A motion was made by Board Member Perry Payne seconded by Board Member  Johnny Parsons to recommend to the city council that an agreement with the current owners of tap rights located approximately on 360 E  (Cemetery Lane) be exempt for the current $20 surcharge fee.  The city to take ownership of this line and maintain as any other water line owned by Monroe City.  All were in favor.  Motion carried.


            Also to recommend to the council that Allison be given permission to credit the Phillips’ and Jenson’s accounts for the $20 that was charged to their accounts for the month of January.  


3.         Adjournment  

A motion was made by Board Member Craig Mathie and Seconded by Board Member Perry Payne to adjourn.  All were in favor. Motion carried.    


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