May 13, 2008 Monroe City Council Meeting Minutes

MAY 13, 2008
7:30 p.m.
1.  Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson conducting
The regular meeting of the Monroe City Council was called to order by Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson at 7:30 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Recorder Emalee Curtis. Prayer was offered by Mayor Nilsson.
Councilmember Troy Torgersen is excused from tonight’s meeting. He is out of the country on vacation. Councilmember Warren Monroe will be arriving late. He is at his daughter’s Senior Banquet.
Present: Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson. Councilmembers Ed Oldroyd, Gordon Topham, Jean O. Vigil, Warren Monroe. City Recorder Emalee Curtis. Public Works Supervisor Devin Magleby.
Sandy Phillips, Richfield Reaper
Approval of minutes of previous council meeting
A motion was made by Councilmember Gordon Topham, seconded by Councilmember Ed Oldroyd to approve the minutes of the April 22, 2008 city council meeting as presented. All were in favor. Motion carried.
2.  Citizen input
3.  Action items
(A) Recommendations of the Monroe City Planning Commission - Conditional use business licenses:
   (a) RH House Cleaning - Rosa Hurtado for a home office located at 76 West 500 South
   (b) A Line Sound - Hollan Moore - Entertainment (music DJ) 181 North 410 West
Both Planning Commission Chairman Kamelle Gleave and Council Representative Planning Commissioner Troy Torgersen are out of town tonight. Recorder Curtis reported that the planning commission reviewed the above conditional use business licenses at their last planning commission meeting and recommended approval for both applications. There were no concerns that either of the proposed businesses would have any kind of negative impact on the residential nature of their neighborhoods.
A motion was made by Councilmember Gordon Topham seconded by Councilmember Ed Oldroyd to approve conditional use business licenses for RH House Cleaning - Rosa Hurtado, for a home office located at 76 West 500 South. The motion is to also approve a conditional use business license for A Line Sound - Hollan Moore, for a entertainment DJ business to be run out of his home located at 181 North 410 West. All were in favor. Motion carried.
(B) Review and approval of Monroe City’s 2008-2009 fiscal year tentative budget
Mayor Nilsson and Budget Officer Emalee Curtis presented Monroe City’s 2008-2009 Tentative Budget to the city council.
Councilmember Oldroyd commented that he received clarification of which city employees would receive the proposed 3% cost of living and merit salary increases as discussed briefly at the last council meeting. His concern was if the cost of living increase would include part-time seasonal employees. The cost of living increase of 3% does include all employees. Any additional merit salary increases have been recommended by council members or the mayor.
The budget message was reviewed. The proposed general fund budget totals $591,020.00. The total proposed budget for all enterprise funds is $1,566,280 with a total tentative budget for all funds of $2,157,300.00.
The proposed budget includes all requests made by council members for their departments.
A motion was made by Councilmember Jean Vigil seconded by Councilmember Ed Oldroyd to approve the city’s tentative budget as submitted. Voting for the motion: Councilmember Jean Vigil, Ed Oldroyd, Gordon Topham. All were in favor. Motion carried.
Any changes to the tentative budget, as presented, should be requested no later than June 2nd. Also, budget amendment requests for the current fiscal year should also be mentioned to Ms. Curtis by the same date.
(C) Review and approval of Monroe City Building Authority 2008-2009 tentative budget
The board members of the Monroe City Building Authority consists of members of the Monroe City Council.
Board Chairman Mayor Nilsson asked for comments concerning the proposed tentative budget for the Monroe City Building Authority.
This budget includes payment from the city’s general fund to the building authority fund to make payments on the bond incurred for construction of a new city fire station. The annual bond payment is $6,000.00 for debt service principal and $3,450.00 for debt service interest.
Sevier County contributes $3,750.00 towards payment of the debt service since the Monroe City Volunteer Fire Department responds to emergency calls in the south end of the county.
A motion was made by Councilmember Vigil seconded by Councilmember Topham to approve the proposed tentative budget for the Monroe City Building Authority as presented. Voting for the motion: Councilmembers Topham, Oldroyd and Vigil. All were in favor. Motion carried.
(D) Set date and time for budget hearing (June 10, 2008)
Recorder Curtis explained that under Utah Code, the city must adopt the final budget prior to June 22nd of each year.
A motion was made by Councilmember Ed Oldroyd seconded by Councilmember Gordon Topham to set the date to hold a public hearing and adopt Monroe City’s Budget and Monroe City Building Authority Budget on June 10, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. All were in favor, Motion carried.
The State Tax Commission may not have submitted Monroe City’s certified tax information to the Sevier County Clerk by that date, so a motion to adopt the final budget would need to include wording stating that once the certified tax rate is received, the actual dollar amount for property tax revenue will be included in the budget and the certified tax rate will be approved by resolution.
Councilmember Warren Monroe arrived at the council meeting at 8:05 p.m.
(E) Approval - R J Christensen proposal for library steps/sidewalk repairs
A bid proposal was submitted by RJ Christensen Construction to repair the city library steps and replace the landing at the top of the steps and the sidewalk from the bottom of the steps to the main street sidewalk.
Councilmember Oldroyd asked what the life expectancy might we see for the steps caps holding up? Councilmember Monroe replied that this firm does the best job of repairing old crappy steps of anyone he has ever seen. There is typically a one year warranty. Councilmember Monroe said that he stands by his recommendation to hire RJ Christensen to do this job.
A motion was made by Councilmember Jean Vigil seconded by Councilmember Warren Monroe that Monroe City accept the proposal submitted by RJ Christensen of $6,977.50 to repair the library steps and replace the front sidewalk at the library as submitted. Voting for the motion: Councilmembers Vigil, Oldroyd, Topham, Monroe. All were in favor. Motion carried.
There was further discussion concerning installation of handrails at the time the cement for the steps is poured. The city might utilize the existing railing and just re-instal it. Devin Magleby will inspect the existing railing and work with the contractor concerning installation of the railing. He will need clarification by the contractor at the time of construction to make sure we can re-install the existing railing.
There was further discussion about the need to install a center railing on the library front steps. Councilmember Vigil said that now we have handicap access to basement, she doesn’t see a need for a new center railing on the front steps, however, she will check her budget and see if we can afford a center handrail. It was recommended that the contractor be instructed to install metal plates to install the outer handrails and also have metal plates put down the center of the steps so that a center railing might be installed at some time when funds are available.
Councilmember Monroe asked that an advertisement for proposals be prepared to install a block of new sidewalk on south Main Street. The contractor must follow the city’s construction standards. Public Works Supervisor Magleby asked if the advertisement for proposals might be for the city’s concrete needs for this summer construction season? That way we won’t have to go to bid each time we have a small sidewalk project. Recorder Curtis will prepare an advertisement for proposals.
(F) Proposal for repairs and rerouting of culinary water line near the cemetery
Councilmember Gordon Topham reported that the damage to a county road caused by a break in a city water has been repaired. There is still some work left to be done. The city has hired Staker Parsons to install $10,400.00 of asphalt and feel that this will make the roadway safer for travel.
There was discussion concerning rerouting this water line through private property rather than along the county road to provide service to the culinary water taps beyond the cemetery. Councilmember Topham has visited with Tom Jensen, who has a tap right on this line and he is in agreement with the proposal made at the last council meeting.
Documents that need to be prepared by the city are: an agreement for Glen Phillips and Monroe City for the city to take over the management and maintenance of his private water line and allowance of a future additional culinary tap in exchange for deeding this line to the city as well as a right of way easement for maintenance of the line and extending the line east of his property to service Mr. Connors and Ms. Phelps.
The agreement with Mr. Phillips needs to include wording that the city won’t charge him above and beyond the monthly rates charged within the city limits. The city would still charge connection and impact fees for any new culinary water connection. A right of way easement will be prepared for crossing Mr. Connor’s property, as well as a letter to Tom Jenson explaining that the city is acquiring ownership and maintenance of this culinary water line.
Devin Magleby reported on a quote he received for cost of the pipe for this line
A motion was made by Councilmember Topham seconded by Councilmember Vigil to proceed with replacement of the water line as discussed above. All were in favor. Motion carried.
Following further discussion, the motion was withdrawn until further information is received concerning actual flow rates after residual pressure and flow rate testing.
There was further discussion about this proposal. Councilmember Monroe did some flow tests concerning extending this waterline . He explained the minimum flow rates required for delivery of culinary water. He is having a hard time thinking that this proposal works for the city, but he can’t come up with a better scenario. His main concern is that if the line is extended, would it reduce the required pressure to Mr. Phillip’s house? Actual tests need to be performed to determine actual residual pressures.
Councilmember Monroe recommended that further studies be done to determine actual pressures and the effect of extending this existing water line to two or three additional taps. One solution might be to install a larger meter at the city limits.
4.  Discussion items
(A) Recommendations for appointment to Monroe City Board of Adjustments
Mayor Nilsson reported that Albert Winsor submitted his resignation from the Monroe City Board of Adjustments and Monroe City Planning Commission due to poor health. He passed away last Sunday. Mayor Nilsson asked council members for suggestions for his replacement. Bart Lee was suggested. If anyone has other names for consideration, please contact the mayor. This appointment will be made upon recommendation by the mayor and approval of the city council.
5.  Staff reports
Recorder Emalee Curtis:
The 24th committee is now fully staffed. They will be meeting with the council at a future council meeting regarding plans for Monroe City’s Pioneer Day Celebration.
Monroe City’s new web page is under construction. The office staff will be trained next week about auto-bill pay and credit card payments. This program should be a good addition to provide better customer service to Monroe Citizens.
Councilmembers Oldroyd and Topham are signed up to attend training in Richfield on Thursday. Recorder Curtis will be presenting information at this training concerning Utah’s open meeting laws.
Public Works Supervisor Devin Magleby:
The new paving at the South Sevier Sr. Citizens parking area is completed. An additional $1,400 was needed to complete the project.
The Catapiller salesman called today. Monroe City has a three year lease on a backhoe with them. We have had it one year. The salesman wants to sell this equipment to someone else and will bring us a new one for the rest of the lease. The council agreed that this is a good deal.
The city’s GPS has been repaired. Councilmember Torgersen suggested keeping this software up to date and continuing to purchase customer support. The cost is $1,650. Councilmember Monroe agreed that this cost will come out of the electric department budget.
6. Department business-reports and concerns Law enforcement concerns
Department reports:
Councilmember Ed Oldroyd - Streets Department - Weeds - Equipment
Councilmember Oldroyd won’t be at the next council meeting. He is going to Virginia to his son’s Marine graduation.
A meeting has been scheduled with Terry Smith regarding 70 West and 400 North. He has concerns about drainage in this area.
Jason Brown, Jones & DeMille Engineering, is doing an awesome job with his inspection of the road/culvert project.
Devin Magleby and Councilmember Oldroyd examined the city’s new tennis courts. They determined that we do not comply with ADA access requirements. There is no walkway to access the tennis courts. This will be taken care of when the new Main Street sidewalk is done. It might take an additional yard of concrete.
City crews are working on pot holes as the weather permits.
New speed limit signs will be installed on 400 North.
Councilmember Gordon Topham - Water Department - Irrigation Department - Garbage - Landfill
Councilmember Topham is excited about the possibilities of a geothermal power generator in Monroe City. One concern is that there are lots of minerals in our local hot water.
Councilmember Monroe ran the numbers again concerning cost/return on investment for a city owned geothermal power plant. It would be an expensive project, but there is good potential.
Councilmember Topham suggested handing out litter bags with a Monroe City logo instead of candy during the 24th parade. Another suggestion was that the city youth council lead off the parade and hand out the bags that could be used to pick up trash or collect candy. ***We need to get a price for this type of project.
Councilmember Topham recently attended an Envision Utah meeting. There was a poor turn-out. He will encourage Sevier County to participate in this project.
Councilmember Jean O. Vigil - Library Department - Utility Board - Fire Department - Sr. Citizens
Councilmember Vigil expressed thanks to everyone for taking over for her council duties the last few weeks as there have been major family problems needing her attention.
City Library Director Evelyn Marvidikis has received her certificate making her a certified librarian in the State of Utah. Sandy Spendlove will begin her certification training in August then Angie Chappell will be trained. The council appreciate the library staff and their efforts.
The utility board has not met since February.
The fire department is doing great.
The South Sevier Senior Citizen’s monthly dinner is next Saturday. Everyone is invited to attend.
Councilmember Warren Monroe - Electric Department - Mosquito Abatement
Councilmember Monroe has been reviewing the city’s March UAMPS power bill. It is a good thing we called back some of our IPP power for the summer months.
He will review the need to call back power for next winter. Overall city power usage continues to increase.
Monroe City Power needs to continue to seek green power. The geothermal potential in Monroe city might be a viable green power alternative. The city will need to review proven geothermal technology. He is excited about the possibilities.
It has been suggested that the city create a new calendar for the hand out at our public power picnic. It would have conservation tips on each page. The minimum order is 500 calendars and would cost approximately $1,500 dollars. This is a good idea, but financially, it doesn’t work. There is a risk of too many left over calendars that couldn’t be held over to another year, since a calendar is time sensitive.
Councilmember Troy Torgersen - Parks Department - Cemetery Department - Planning Commission
Councilmember Torgersen is out of town tonight
Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson - General administration report
Councilmember Monroe is in charge of the meat for the BBQ. He has the notes from last year and is studying them. Other council assignments will be made as it gets closer to time for the celebration.
Doug Hunter, UAMPS General Manager, will be in Monroe at a council work session at 6:00 p.m. on May 27th.
Mayor Nilsson reported that he has budgeted for a new air conditioner for the city hall.
7. Adjournment
A motion was made by Councilmember Oldroyd seconded by Councilmember Topham to adjourn at 9:30 p.m. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned.
Approved this 27th day of May, 2008
Emalee H. Curtis, City Recorder