Codes & Ordinances

Monroe City Land Use (zoning) re: Flag Lots



Section 1701- Special Exceptions

1. Lots not having frontage on a street as required by this ordinance, but having access to such street by means of 30' ownership of such access strips or private drives.

2. The planning commission determines that it is not feasible or desirable to extend a street to serve such lot or lots at the time of development.

3. The right of way or access strip shall have a minimum width of 20' improved drive area, plus a 10' utility strip, for a minimum total width of 30', and a maximum grade of 8%. The utility strip shall not be a part of the improved drive area.

4. The area of the right of way or access strip shall not be included within the minimum lot area requirement.

5. The lot shall meet all minimum yard and area requirements of the zone in which it is located, exclusive of the right of way or access strip.

6. The depth of the front yard shall be the distance between the front line of the building and the property line or nearest line of the right of way or access strip which the building faces.

7. The lot address shall be displayed in a prominately visible location at the street entrance to the right of way or access strip.

8. Each lot shall access a street by means of its own right of way or access strip. Successive stacking of lots on the same right of way access strip is not permitted.

9. No building, structure or parking is allowed in the right of way or access strip which is to be used solely as access to the lot.

10.A 45' radius cul-de-sac will be constructed similar to the drive, to provide for an adequate turn around area for emergency vehicles.

11.The drive area (minimum 20') will first be brought to a firm unyielding surface by rolling or other means of compaction. All soft material which will not compact readily will be removed and an approved sub-base material will be installed. The road base shall consist of a minimum of six (6) inches of approved, crushed gravel base course, and be prepared and placed on the subgrade. If the roadway is disturbed for any reason, it shall be brought back to as good or better condition.

12. The maximum length of the "flag stem" or private drive will be limited to eight hundred feet (800').

13. No building permits will be granted until the above conditions are met.

14. The planning commission may recommend other conditions to ensure safety, accessibility, privacy, etc. to maintain or improve the general welfare of the immediate area.


































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