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Monroe City Enclosed Storage Container Ordinance 9 2008

                                                     MONROE CITY CORPORATION
ORDINANCE 9-01-2008
WHEREAS, this ordinance is enacted for the purpose of regulating the placement and appearance of any and all enclosed storage container, cargo container, shipping crate, box, trailer or similar moveable piece of equipment or object to be used as an accessory building;
WHEREAS, it is the intention of Monroe City to improve and maintain property values and aesthetics of the city in accordance with its Master Plan and Land Use Ordinances;
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED by the Legislative Body of Monroe City as follows:
1. Enclosed storage containers larger than one hundred twenty (120) square feet of floor space shall be regulated as any other building or structure.
2. Storage container fabricated for the purpose of transporting freight or goods on a
truck, railroad or ship shall be allowed to be set up as a residential storage structure or accessory building.
3. Purchasers, owners or users of enclosed storage containers subject to regulation, shall obtain a building permit for each container from Monroe City prior to placing or moving the container onto their property.
4. Placement of the enclosed container shall meet all setback and hold-down requirements for the zone in which it will be located.
5. The exterior of the enclosed container shall be painted or altered to cover any advertising, lettering or numbers.
6. No stacking of containers shall be allowed.
7. Shall be located at ground level for safety. If located on a permanent foundation, must meet all building code requirements.
8. Structure shall not be used as a dwelling unit.
9. Each accessory building shall provide adequate ventilation for personal safety.
10. Any violation of this ordinance shall be punishable as set forth in the building code.
Effective Date: This ordinance shall become effective immediately upon adoption, posting and publication of a summary in the Richfield Reaper as provided in § 10-3-711, Utah Code Annotated 2008, as amended.
Adopted by the Monroe City Council this __9th_day of _September_, 2008
By: _____ss__  ___________________
Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson
City Recorder Emalee H. Curtis
(Corporate Seal)
I, Emalee H. Curtis, the duly appointed Recorder for the City of Monroe, hereby certify that copies
of the foregoing Ordinance 9-01-2008, enacting requirements for enclosed storage/cargo containers
located in Monroe City were posted at three public places within the municipality this 13th day of
August, 2008, which public places are:
1. Monroe City Hall
2. Monroe City Library
3. Crisp Grocery
I also certify that a summary copy of the proposed ordinance was published in the Richfield Reaper on August 27, September 3, 2008.
Dated this 13th day of August, 2008
Emalee H. Curtis
Monroe City Recorder

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