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Ordinance 11 08 2016 Moratorium Distributed Generation

ORDINANCE 11 08 2016
MORATORIUM  -  DISTRIBUTED GENERATIONAn ordinance adopting interim development controls, restricting Distributed Generation, Net Metering, Feed-In Tariff applications to Monroe City for a period not to exceed six (6) months pursuant to Utah Code Annotated 10-9a-504.

WHEREAS, Monroe City is experiencing population growth, with an increased number of new requests for electric power hook-ups; and

WHEREAS, The Monroe City Council has reviewed the current Electric Utilities Policy and found it to be inadequate for current and future needs and is in the process of studying and updating the city’s Electric Utility Policy and Land Use (zoning) Ordinance and has requested that the city’s Utility Board and Planning Commission also review these policies; and

WHEREAS, The Monroe City Council recognizes that it is in the public interest that a temporary moratorium be placed on requests for Distributed Generation, Net Metering and Feed-In Tariff applications in Monroe City to allow the City Council, Utility Board and Planning Commission time to complete their study and revision of the city’s electric utility policy and zoning regulations in a careful and thoughtful manner.

NOW THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Monroe City Council as follows:

1.    Temporary regulations are hereby adopted which prohibit acceptance or approval of petitions for Distributed Generation, Net Metering and Feed-In Tariff applications by Monroe City.
2.     The temporary regulations adopted by this ordinance shall be effective for  period not to exceed six (6) months from the effective date of this ordinance.
3.    During the period while temporary regulations are in effect, the Utility Board, City Council and Planning Commission of Monroe City are directed to research and develop a comprehensive distributed generation policy. Amendments to existing policies and land use ordinance may also be required to govern and provide guidelines for the Monroe City Electric Utility.
4.    The provisions of this ordinance are severable. If any provision of this ordinance is found to be invalid, unlawful or unconstitutional by a court of competent jurisdiction, the balance of the ordinance shall be unaffected and continue in full force and effect.
5.    This ordinance shall become effective immediately upon adoption and posting.

    ATTEST:                        R. Kirt Nilsson, Mayor

 Emalee H. Curtis, City Recorder


Emalee H. Curtis, being first duly sworn, deposes that she is the duly appointed and qualified Recorder of the City of Monroe, a municipal Corporation of the State of Utah, and that on the 2nd day of November, 2016 she posted a true and correct copy of Ordinance 11 08 2016 said posting being made at the Monroe City Office, Monroe City Library and Andy’s Market.

Dated this 2nd day of November, 2016

Emalee H. Curtis, City Recorder 


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