By Councilmember Warren Monroe

            Greetings to all!  We as a city want to wish you the very best this Holiday Season.  We want you to know that we work hard every day to provide reliable and affordable power.  We also want you to know about some serious issues on the national level that will affect our power rates in the years to come.

            Current legislation in congress dealing with what is known as “Cap and Trade” has the potential to raise power costs to all Americans.  There are many different estimates by government agencies as to how much costs will go up.  These estimates range from approximately $170 to over $500 annually per household, depending on what report you read.  It concerns us that these agencies cannot agree on the potential impact this bill will have on consumers.  The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank promoting public policy research, reports that they see costs increasing over $1200 by the year 2035.  They also report that when energy costs rise, the cost of basic goods and services will also rise.

            Some members of the council have had correspondence with Jason Chaffetz, 3rd District Representative from Utah.  He has told us that authors of this legislation have cited global warming as the driving force of this bill.  It is his opinion that human activity does not drive the earth’s warming and cooling cycles, we also believe this as there is not yet conclusive proof.  The 2001 United Nation’s Panel on Climate Change Report offered 245 potential scenarios, the worst case being the warming that is being promoted at this time.

            Cap and Trade has also been referred to as “Cap and Tax” by Representative Chaffetz as well as other politicians.  We as a city council believe “Cap and Tax” is not good for America.  Representative Chaffetz tells us that “Cap and Tax is nothing more than a massive expansion of government that will punish business, expand entitlement programs, and raise taxes for all American energy users.  Leave it to congress to offer a non-solution to a problem that does not exist.” 

            As a city council, we believe a more common sense approach should be taken, as demand for energy continues to increase.  We fully support energy conservation, reducing pollution by advances in technology, and maintaining a quality way of life.  The current economic situation dictates that we conserve and make the best use of all our natural resources.  We urge all to get involved in political matters that will affect your lives.  Read and study the issues, and become familiar with them.  Get informed and be part of the solution on local and national issues.  Let your elected officials on all levels know of your opinions.

            Let our officials in Washington know that we expect to be listened to.  Take a pro-active position.  Government was never intended to take care of us or dictate to us how we live our everyday lives.

            If we all pull together, society will benefit. God bless each and every one of you, and God Bless America.

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