Monroe City Agricultural Activities Statement

Agricultural Activities Disclosure Statement

The City of Monroe values its rich agricultural heritage and values agricultural activities as a component of the city’s community fabric, quality of life and economic health. The City of Monroe places value on its agricultural areas and desires to provide for the protection and preservation of agricultural activities. It is the policy of the City of Monroe to reduce the occurrence of conflicts between agricultural activities and non-agricultural land uses and to protect the public health.

Therefore, developers and tenants of non-agricultural land close to agricultural activities are hereby given notice of the city’s support for the preservation of agricultural activities and operations. An additional purpose of this notification is to promote a good neighbor policy by informing prospective developers and tenants of non-agricultural land of the effects associated with living close to agricultural activities and operations.

You are hereby notified that you may be subject to inconvenience or discomfort due to lawful agricultural activities or operations. Discomfort and inconveniences may include, but may not be limited to, noise, odors, fumes, dust, smoke, burning, vibrations, insects, rodents, and/or operations of machinery (including aircraft) at any time during the day or night.

One or more of the inconveniences described may occur as a result of agricultural operations which are in compliance with existing laws and regulations and accepted customs and standards. If you live near an agricultural area you should be prepared to accept such inconvenience or discomfort as a normal and necessary aspect of living in an area with a strong rural character and an active agricultural sector.

The City of Monroe’s Agricultural Activities Disclosure Statement does not exempt farmers or others from compliance with law. Should a farmer or other person not comply with appropriate local, state or federal laws, legal recourse is possible by, among other ways, contacting the appropriate agency.




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