24th Pioneer Day Concessions Information

Please thoroughly read the following concession rules:

Booth Restrictions
o Booths are assigned first to non-profit organizations
o Booth assignments are made only by the 24th of July Committee

o All booths must meet wholesome standards, commitee will approve all applications
o Deadline for booth sign-up is July 20, 2020
o Fees not paid by July 20, 2020 will forfeit booth space
o Booths will be accepted and assigned on a ‘first paid, first served’ basis
o No live animals will be sold or given away at the concessions booths
o No fireworks may be sold at the park or within one block of the park

Booth Set-up
o Booth spots are 10’x10’, with a 2’ allowance between booths for celebration participant traffic.
o Organizations will be required to check in at the stage on the park when arriving the morning of the 24th followed-up by a check-out when leaving the park.
o Organizations are responsible for their own set-up and clean-up. Vendors are responsible for their own tables, chairs, canopies and money.
o Each vendor will provide a 24x32 inch sign indicating the sponsoring organizations, items being sold and cost of items.
o Vendors must set up by 8am on the 24th. Safety inspections will be held between 8-9am. Booths must pass a safety inspection prior to beginning operation.  Please have a fire extinguisher in your booth for your own safety
o Large boxes should be taken to the dumpsters in the northwest corner of the park, and not placed in the garbage cans on the park.

Fees and Deadlines

Fees and Deadlines


10’ x 10’

10’ x 10’ with electricity







o Fees are due with this booth registration. Any fees not paid before July 17th booth space will be forfeited.
o As space is limited, a completed application and payment does not guarantee vending rights. In cases where a vendor’s services are not needed either because of space restrictions or exclusivity concerns, the payment will be returned in full.
o Non-Profit organizations are not tax exempt organization, if you are non-profit use code nonProfit at checkout for discount.

o No security will be provided for any booths or equipment at the park

o Applicants of electricity are limited to placement on the park and will be supplied on a first paid, first served basis.  Generators are not allowed on the park. Applicants must provide all extension cords and make every attempt to secure them so there are no public safety hazards. Please have a fire extinguisher for your own safety in your booth.

o Applicants will supply equipment and materials needed for their own booth, including tables, chairs, tape, cords, etc. Within one hour following the termination of activities at the park, applicants will remove all booths and equipment, all related accessories and materials as well as any debris from the applicants’ booth or stand.  Please plan ahead to ensure you will be off the park by 3pm.  If you need help, provide your own, as city employees and volunteers will not be able to assist you.

Quality Provision
o The 24th of July Committee reserves the right to terminate the sale of any item or prevent any activity at any time the committee, in its sole discretion, deems inappropriate, undesirable or lacking in quality.

Sales Tax
o Each applicant is responsible for the collection and payment of all the applicable sales tax.  Temporary tax and business licenses will be issued to every vendor.  Utah State Tax commission requires each vendor to mail back the license issued, with necessary taxed where applicacable , within 2 weeks.

o While every effort will be made to allow exclusivity, no vendor has an exclusive license or permit. Booths may sell similar products or conduct similar activities.

Retains the Right
o The 24th of July has the right to decline any application or regain possession of any booth space at any time by refunding the amount paid for the space, excluding any late fees.

Monroe City and the 24th of July Committee thank you for your desire to participate in the largest city activity of the year. Together we can make the 24th of July celebration a most memorable occasion for all!

Contact Information

Aubrie Jenkins @ 435-612-3066 or Diedre Jenkins @ 801-597-1259

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