10 11 2016 City Council Minutes

    OCTOBER 11, 2016

Notice is hereby given that the Monroe City Council will meet on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at the Monroe City Hall, 10 North Main, which meeting shall begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. The agenda shall be as follows: The order of business may be changed as time permits.

1.  Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson conducting - Meeting called to order
Pledge of Allegiance -Prayer - Roll Call - Approval of minutes of previous meeting
The regular meeting of the Monroe City Council was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Nilsson. The Pledge of allegiance was led by Councilmember Michael Mathie. Prayer was offered by Councilmember Johnny Parsons.

Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson
Michael Mathie
Johnny Parsons
Fran Washburn
Perry Payne
Joe Anderson - Excused - He had to work tonight
City Recorder Emalee H. Curtis
Deputy City Recorder Allison H. Leavitt
Public Works Superintendent Devin Magleby
Monroe City Power Superintendent Daniel Peterson

Payton Knight
Valyn Leavitt
Darin Toone

Councilmember Fran Washburn moved to approve the minutes of the September 13, 2016 city council meeting as corrected.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Johnny Parsons.  All were in favor.  Motion passed.
Correction: Page 2 sentence to read: “Ryan Anderson will be helping with the engineering”

Councilmember Michael Mathie moved to approve the minutes of the September 26, 2016 special city council meeting as corrected. Motion seconded by Councilmember Perry Payne. All were in favor. Motion passed.
Correction: Page 3 sentence to read: “An agreement between the employee and Monroe City will be prepared, stating the terms of his administrative leave and signed by both the employee and the Mayor.” 

2.  Citizen input

3.  Business
    A. Payton Knight - Proposal for an Eagle Scout Project
Payton outlined a proposal for his Eagle Scout Project. He would like to permanently install the temporary name plaques (which now are permanent) in a concrete base to protect them from being damaged or stolen. He has a list of 13 names now that could be part of his project. He is asking for the council to approve this project.  Cemetery sexton Bob Lee suggested this project.

Councilmember Michael Mathie and other councilmembers agree that this would be a good project.   

The city will mark the area and make sure it is done correctly. Payton will talk with his scout leader and get it approved than try to do it this fall. Payton’s deadline to finish the project is December.

    B. Monroe Lions Club - proposed community project              
Darin Toone asked the council’s permission for the Lion’s Club to re-roof the restroom at the Lion’s Park. The Lions Club has the funds to complete this project. There was a discussion about using shingles or putting on a metal roof. The council agreed that they would like to have them put on a metal roof. The color is to be determined after color samples are looked at.

Councilmember Fran Washburn asked if the Lion’s Club would paint the gold trim at the city library.

    C. Intermountain Power Agency - Renewal Offer - Utah Purchaser Subscription Intent
Members of the city council received copies of the latest information concerning the Intermountain Power Agency (IPA) renewal offer and Utah Purchaser Subscription intent to remain a partner in the IPP Power Plant in Delta.

Councilmember Perry Payne commented that the council should soon decide what Monroe City Power is going to do.
Mayor Nilsson felt that the council isn’t ready to make a decision yet. 

Monroe Power Superintendent Daniel Peterson’s opinion is that all councilmembers are aware of the project and changes that will take place when Monroe City’s contract expires in 2026.  The California participants in this project cannot purchase coal fired energy. They want a gas fired plant to keep the transmission lines alive. The project has been downsized from the original plans.     IPA desires for Utah to have ownership of the majority of the project. If Monroe City stays with the project we will have to help pay for dismantling the existing plant. If we don’t stay with the project, there may be no future costs to us.

Daniel’s opinion is he is concerned with our staying with the project since California has a history of defaulting on contracts. There are potential risks and liabilities if  Monroe City keeps ownership in the project.

Several councilmembers asked if there was any positive reason to continue to stay in the project. They felt that we still need to study the ramifications and future needs of Monroe City Power. 

UAMPS will be at a work session at 6:00 p.m. on October 25. Monroe City’s existing resources and information to help plan for future power needs will be reviewed. This will help the council to be better informed prior to signing any IPA documents. There will be information on a proposed new nuclear power plant.

IPA is asking Monroe City Power for a decision on who is in and who is out of the IPP Project. The council feels they would like to opt out if it can be documented that we would have no future liability for this project.

The council will wait until after the next council meeting to make a decision and submit paperwork to IPA.  

    D. Approval of Warrant Register, Cash disbursements and adjustments registers
Council members reviewed and signed approval for the warrant register and cash disbursements and adjustments registers.
4.  Staff Reports - 
Reports on recent training.
City Recorder Curtis and Deputy Recorder Leavitt reported on recent training conferences they attended.  They thanked the council for the opportunity to attend the Utah League of Cities and Towns Annual Convention in Salt Lake City and the Utah Municipal Clerks Convention in Vernal.

Quarterly budget reports were distributed to members of the council. They were asked to review their departments and note any changes that should be made by amending the 2016-2017 annual budget.

Allison informed the council that Ken Castles of Big Daddy’s Deli will be catering the city’s annual employee appreciation banquet in November. He provided a sample menu. The council decided to have a brisket and salmon buffet. 

The November 22, 2016 city council meeting will be canceled.   

Public Works Superintendent Magleby informed the council that the city’s pressurized irrigation water will be turned out of the system Oct 17th, weather permitting.

City crews have started construction on Jared Peterson’s water line.
John Chartier told Devin that he should have the well reports back from the state     within a month and will schedule a date to report to the council. 

5.  Department business - reports and concerns - law enforcement concerns 
Councilmember Joseph Anderson-Streets Department-Weeds - Equipment -Youth Council 
* Councilmember Anderson was not present at tonight’s meeting.

Councilmember Perry Payne - Electric - Mosquito Abatement - Utility Board
* The power department is investigating a quote to have a pelton wheel built for the lower power plant. One quote was for $33,000 or $35,000. The other quote is $125,000 or $129,000 which will not be considered. 

There was a discussion about installing filters on the penstock to reduce wear on the pelton wheel. The council also discussed possibilities for changing the collection point for the upper power plant. Some good ideas were mentioned for future improvements.

Councilmember Fran Washburn - Parks - Library - Sr. Citizens
*The new sign at Mtn. View Park looks good. City crews were asked to finish the back side of the signs. Councilmember Washburn thanked city employees for installing this sign.

Councilmember Johnny Parsons - Water - Irrigation - Wastewater - Fire Department
* Councilmember Parsons and Mayor Nilsson met with city employee Rodney Wanlass. Both Rodney and Mayor Nilsson signed an agreement with terms mentioned from the council’s special meeting. This signed agreement included specific responsibilities for the employee to follow in order to retain employment with the city. This document is filed in the employee’s employment file.

Councilmember Michael Mathie- Cemetery-CERT-EMS -Landfill -Garbage - Planning Commission  
* The city planning commission discussed if there was a need for an ordinance regulating panhandling in the city. A local law enforcement officer asked that such an ordinance be considered. The commission feels that this is not really a problem in our community and there were concerns with freedom of speech in public places and constitutional rights. There are already laws about criminal conduct in public places, trespassing, harassment, etc. 
* The commission also discussed regulating business signs. They discussed if this is an issue. Possibly wording could be added to the business license ordinance and put on the business license application.

Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson - General Administration    
* Mayor Nilsson reminded everyone that the council will host an employee appreciation dinner on November 22nd. There will not be a council meeting that night.
6  Adjournment
Councilmember Mathie moved to adjourn at 8:40 p.m. Councilmember Parsons seconded the motion. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned. 

Approved this 25th day of October, 2016

Emalee H. Curtis
Monroe City Recorder