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11 13 2012 Monroe City Council Meeting Minutes



NOVEMBER 13, 2012

7:30 p.m.

1.  Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson conducting

The regular meeting of the Monroe City Council was called to order at 7:30 pm. by Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Councilmember Ed Oldroyd. Prayer was offered by Recorder Emalee Curtis.


Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson

Councilmembers: Ed Oldroyd, Lamar Ogden, Fran Washburn, Warren Monroe

Councilmember Troy Torgersen is excused from tonight’s meeting.

Recorder Emalee Curtis

Public Works Superintendent Devin Magleby

Power Superintendent Daniel Peterson


Chad Hunt, Richfield Reaper

James Payne

Perry and RaDawn Payne

Travis Adams, Chris Colton, Chase Christensen, Mikael Magleby, Kaden Finlinson, Trevor Robinson, Chayce Jones, Brage Anderson, Kellon Sandall, Jordan Holm, Joel Finlinson, Justin Dastrup, Carter Moore, Wyatt Jensen, Emmitt Hafen

Councilmembers reviewed copies of the November 1, 2012 meeting minutes.

Councilmember Ed Oldroyd moved to approve the minutes of the November 1, 2012 special city council meeting. Motion seconded by Councilmember Lamar Ogden. All were in favor. Motion carried.

2.  Citizen inputNo citizen comments tonight.

3.  Business

(A) Review applications and selection of councilmember to fill Councilmember Lamar Ogden’s unexpired term.

 Mayor Nilsson explained that the council will interview and select an individual to serve on the city council for the remainder of Councilmember Lamar Ogden’s term. Councilmember Ogden has submitted his resignation effective November 30, 2012. He cited health issues as the reason for his resignation.

Mayor Nilsson informed the council that two applicants have submitted letters of interest for this position. They are James Payne and Perry Payne. Members of the council have reviewed both letters of interest.

Each candidate was asked to tell the council the reasons they would like to be appointed to this position.

James commented that he is glad Perry applied. James told the council that he grew up in Monroe and felt he could be an asset to the city council, especially as far as new development is concerned. He has seen the growth of the city since the 60's would like to have input about future growth.

Perry said that serving on the council for one year would be perfect. He committed to some citizens in town that he would apply for the open council position. He does know a lot of the problems the city faces and would like to help out. He served 1 ½ years on the city council then two additional full council terms. He more recently is a member of the city’s utility board. He commented that he knows that James would also do a good job.

James commented that he would step aside for Perry. 

Mayor Nilsson asked each councilmember to vote for their choice to fill the position. Voting for Perry Payne to fill Councilmember Lamar Ogden’s unexpired term were Councilmembers: Fran Oldroyd, Lamar Ogden, Warren Monroe, Ed Oldroyd. All were in favor. Perry Payne will be given the oath of office at the November 27, 2012 city council meeting.

Comments were made that both individuals were well qualified for the position. Members of the council thanked James for submitting his application.

(B) Consider annual employee holiday bonus/city volunteer and council gifts

Members of the city council discussed continuing employee holiday bonuses and offering a turkey or ham to various city volunteers and members of the city council.

Councilmember Warren Monroe declared a potential conflict of interest as his wife is employed by the city as library assistant and would receive the holiday bonus.

Councilmembers reviewed a list of bonus payments made to city employees last year.

Devin Magleby commented that employees don’t expect the bonus, but are grateful for it. After further discussion the council decided to pay the same as last year.

Councilmember Monroe moved to approve city employee holiday bonuses as set forth on the schedule reviewed by the council. Also, turkeys and hams will be delivered to city volunteers and members of the city council. Motion seconded by Councilmember Oldroyd. Voting for the motion: Councilmembers Oldroyd, Ogden, Washburn and Monroe. All were in favor. Motion carried.

4.  Staff reports

(A) Report on FEMA flood plain trainingCity Recorder Curtis thanked the council for the opportunity to attend the annual flood plain manager’s conference last week in St. George. Practical information about GIS software applications has been passed on to the city’s public works director.

(B) Department budget reports

Councilmembers were given October department budget reports for review.

The council will hold a work session at 6:30 p.m. for review of the city’s annual audit report.

City Public Works Superintendent Devin Magleby informed the council that Bill Walters, the Monroe City Sexton, had a medical emergency yesterday. He was life flighted to Provo and the latest information is that he is still in a coma.

Devin led a discussion on automated metering. The program presented to the council by Mountain Land Supply is too expensive and not cost effective for our community. The council discussed changing over the type of meters to Sensus meters, as current Master water meters fail.

Daniel commented that he would recommend gradually replacing electric meters also, as many of the electric meters are also failing.

Councilmembers agreed to gradually changing-out both electric and water meters.

Councilmember Ed Oldroyd explained to the Boy Scouts in attendance that the Monroe City Council begins each meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. The scouts are attending a local Boy Scout merit badge pow wow.

Members of the city council declared the old dump truck as surplus property. It will be offered for sale. Devin and Ed will come up with a minimum sale price. Devin will bring in detailed information about the year, make and model of this vehicle.

The council authorized purchase of up to $500.00 for some new LED holiday lights. The city’s annual holiday kick off will be December 3rd..

Work is moving forward for installation of the new electronic information sign. Grundy will provide some of the materials.

The city’s new/used generator is being tested. It hasn’t been put under load yet. It was purchased to assist in the event of an emergency. The council recognizes the importance of providing clean water and electricity to our citizens if there should be an emergency.

5.  Department business - reports and concerns - Law enforcement concerns

Department reports:

Councilmember Ed Oldroyd - Streets Department - Weeds - Library Department* The bridge replacement on Main Street by the creamery turned out to be a bigger project than originally planned. It turned out well. The hand rails will be installed as soon as possible. Plans are to repaint the bridge rails on the east side of main and the railing at the library.

* The city will purchase Dave Murdock’s bucket truck $20,500.00. A sales contract will be drawn up spelling out the terms of the sale. Dave would like to spread out the payments over a period of time.

* The library has requested approval to install an alarm on the outer basement door, so the library staff will know when someone comes into the basement library from outside.

* City crews continue repairing pot holes.

Councilmember Lamar Ogden - Water/Irrigation Departments - Fire Dept. - Sr. Citizens

* Councilmember Ogden thanked the council for helping him and the projects he has worked on while serving on the council. He is grateful for the experience and will miss his association with the city staff and members of the city council.

Councilmember Fran Washburn - Cemetery Department - Garbage - Landfill - Utility Board

* Mike Lane has repaired some areas of the damaged fence at the cemetery. There is still one more area of the fence that needs repair that was damaged by Mr. Peterson’s sprinklers. The city will still have other areas of the fence repaired.

Councilmember Warren Monroe - Electric Department - Mosquito Abatement

* A pre construction meeting for the Cold Spring Hydro Project was held last Thursday at the city hall. Work will begin November 26, 2012.

* The FERC permit for the new hydro plant has been approved.

* Councilmember Monroe reported that a prospective purchaser of a home in Monroe was unable to obtain mortgage because of his inability to provide elevations of the property that is located in the flood zone. He asked the council to consider approaching the CIB for funding a study to properly delineate the city’s flood plain, including elevation. The existing flood plain delineation is based on poor data. The new digital mapping of Monroe’s flood plain is based on poor data.

* Plans are still in the works to get canyon road rights of way. Legal descriptions and documents are being prepared. The council has previously discussed changing a dangerous curve on the canyon road. Funds budgeted for the Cold Springs Project may pay for the earth work in changing out this turn. The city may need to move the road in phases and may need to get additional road right of way from Mr. Eyre. The city will build the generator first, and remaining funds budgeted for this project may be utilized to dig the slope back and haul off material.

There was Further clarification and discussion of rights of way of the Monroe Canyon Road across the private land.

* The feasibility of Live Oak-Tunnel Spring hydro project was discussed. The city would like to have a feasibility study on the development of a hydro in this area.

* The city’s power department continues to show a profit. The cost of purchased power for September was 0.045 cents.

* Power Superintendent Daniel Peterson will attend the IPA annual meeting December 4th.

* The city’s annual holiday light judging contest will take place December 10th through December 15th.

Councilmember Troy Torgersen - Parks Department - Planning Commission - CERT - EMS* Councilmember Torgersen is excused from tonight’s meeting.

Mayor R. Kirt Nilsson - General administration

* Councilmembers agreed that the December 25 council meeting will be canceled.

* Following the city council regular meeting on November 27th, the city will host a farewell party for Councilmember Lamar Ogden. Newly appointed Councilmember Perry Payne will be introduced and welcomed.

* Mayor Nilsson checked out the recently vacated Marine Minerals building on Main Street. The owner is asking $375,000.00 for one parcel and $85,000.00 for the other parcel. This is not in our price range.

* Newsletter articles are due Wednesday, November 21st.

6. Adjournment

Councilmember Oldroyd moved to adjourn at 9:00 p.m. Motion seconded by Councilmember Monroe. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned.

Approved this 27th day of November, 2012

Emalee H. Curtis

Monroe City Recorder


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