Planning Commission

9 19 2017 Monroe City Planning Commission Meeting

SEPTEMBER 19, 2017
Notice is hereby given that the Monroe City Planning Commission will meet on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at the Monroe City Hall, 10 North Main Street, which meeting shall begin promptly at 7:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
1. Chairman Pro Tempore Joyce Barnson conducting
The regular meeting of the Monroe City Planning Commission was called to order at 7:35 p.m.
by Chairman Pro Tempore Joyce Barnson.
Prayer was offered by Commissioner Barnson.
Roll Call
Chairman Pro Tempore Joyce Barnson
Bart Lee – excused - he is out of town
Greg Northrup -- excused - he is working
Paula Roberts
Bill Mecham
Michael Mathie -- excused
City Recorder Emalee H. Curtis
Dana and Ilona Lundgreen
John and Diedre Jenkins
A quorum was present because the chairman of the planning commission is a voting member.
2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting held August 15, 2017
Commissioner Paula Roberts moved to approve the minutes of the Monroe City Planning Commission meeting held August 15, 2017 as corrected. Motion seconded by Commissioner   
Bill Mecham. All were in favor. Motion passed. 
Corrections: A few minor spelling and punctuation errors were corrected.
3. Citizen comments
There were no citizen comments tonight.
4. Review sketch plan for a proposed single lot split 1-M1-17 submitted by Eric and Amy Morrill. 2.5 acres split in half. Property located at 265 North 300 West
Eric and Amy Morrill were not in attendance. They later sent an email stating they were no longer considering purchasing this property.
5. Review sketch plan for proposed Christiansen Subdivision Plat Amendment 
3-259-A-2 and 3-259A-3 and 3-259A-4 combining three parcels into one parcel submitted by Bill & Holly Davis. Property located at 467 West 800 South
Mr. and Mrs. Davis are unable to be tonight. They currently live in Provo. Their proposal is to amend the Christianson Subdivision combining three parcels into one lot. That is how the original subdivision was recorded. The owners then amended the original plat, creating two additional building lots adjacent to 800 South.
Mr. And Mrs. Davis have purchased this property and do not want to pay the additional property tax for three residential building lots, rather than one lot. Their future plans are to not sell off any of the land they just purchased. 
The planning commission agreed to recommend that they have an amended subdivision plat prepared by a licensed surveyor, obtain the signatures of the owners of lot 1 and present the plat to the city council for approval at the council’s meeting October, 10, 2017.
6. Proposed single lot split for property owned by Heaber Christensen, Dana Lundgreen, Trustee - 1-M27-6 containing 2. 21 acres located at 400 North 135 East 
Dana explained that this property has been surveyed and presented a survey plat, prepared by an engineer) for commission review. Everything appeared to meet city requirements for dividing this property into two parcels. The property owners will need to make arrangements for the installation of a second irrigation riser.  
A motion was made by Commissioner Paula Roberts to recommend that the city council approve the single lot split as presented on the survey plat. Motion seconded by commissioner Bill Mecham. All were in favor. Motion passed. The city council will meet October 10th for review for approval.  
7. Request for a conditional use business license submitted by Diedre Jenkins for Center Stage Dance Academy at a new location at 133 West 500 South 
Ms. Jenkins informed the commission that she has had a city business license for her dance studio on Main Street since 2013. Since the business license runs with the land and this new location is not located in the city’s commercial zone, she is re-applying for a business license at this new location.
Purchase of this new home is conditional upon the city’s approval for this business license.  
 Ms. Jenkins said that there is a large building in the rear of the property that currently has a conditional use business license.  She and her family would like to purchase this home and utilize the shop as her dance studio. This is a large lot and gives plenty of room for the studio. 
She is only open from August to May. Classes begin every hour. Most of the parents car pool so there is very little traffic. There are a maximum of ten students in each class. Also, the property is located on a dead-end street with no through traffic. She understands that she will need to submit a fire safety check list prior to the council’s approval. 
Commissioner Bill Mecham made a motion that the planning commission recommend city council approval for a conditional use business license for Diedre Jenkins for Center Stage Dance Academy moving the location of her dance studio from 50 North Main Street to 133 West 500 South. Motion seconded by Commissioner Paula Roberts.  All were in favor. Motion passed. The planning commission will recommend that the city council give approval for this change of location at their October 10, 2017 city council meeting. 
8. Adjournment
Commissioner Paula Roberts moved to adjourn at 8:00 p.m. Motion seconded by Commissioner Bill Mecham.  All were in favor.  Meeting adjourned.
Approved this 17th day of October, 2017
Emalee H. Curtis
Monroe City Recorder 

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