2 25 2015 Monroe City Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 25, 20157:30 p.m.
1. Chairman Leon Stewart conducting 
The regular meeting of the Monroe City Planning Commission was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman Leon Stewart. Prayer was offered by Commissioner Joyce Barnson.
Chairman: Leon Stewart Commissioners: 
Recorder: Emalee H. Curtis Justin Peterson - excused 
Others: Jackson and Jadie Stevenette Fran Washburn
Joyce Barnson  
Bart Lee 
Kamelle Gleave -excused 
Approval of minutes of previous meeting
MOTION: To approve the minutes of the January 28, 2015 planning commission meeting as corrected
By: Commissioner Bart Lee
Second: Commissioner Joyce Barnson
Vote:            All were in favor. Motion carried. 
page 2: change “Stampreassions” to “Stampressions” - “complete” to “completely”
Several other grammar changes were suggested that did not change the intent.
2.         Jackson and Jadie Stevenett - (1) proposal to split 3.935 acres from Bohman’s 10.38 
acres -   Located at approximately 300 East between 550 South and 698 South - sketch plan
(2) Conditional use application for a building permit on proposed newly created lot
Jackson and Jadie Stevenette presented a request to the planning commission to divide land creating a 
new building lot on property within the city’s Source Protection Zone 3. 
All uses in this zone are conditional. They submitted a request for approval of a conditional use
to build a new house on this newly created parcel.  The existing use of this land is farm and dry ground. 
They are proposing creating a building lot for a new home and for farming on the balance of the 
They have made an offer to Richard Bohman for 4 acres of his property. If he does not accept their offer, 
they will offer for 2 acres adjacent to Lynn Parsons’ fence/property line. They have also offered for the 
whole 10.38 acres, but do not foresee that he will accept this offer. No matter which offer is accepted, 
their plan for the septic and leach lines remains the same. They have researched and met with the Central 
Utah Health Department and found that they should be able to build in Zone 3 by purchasing 
additional property from Lynn Parsons, outside of zone 3 (and having it surveyed and quit-claimed as 
part of their parcel which would be utilized for their septic and leach lines) There should not be a
problem with this plan.
Their plan is to build along the fence next to Lynn Parsons and continue to farm the rest of the ground. 
This property is currently being irrigated under the city’s pressurized irrigation system.  
The city’s land use ordinance and zoning maps were studied and discussed.  Chairman Stewart said that 
the city has set a precedence for locating the septic system outside of Zone 3, with the building located 
in Zone 3 when they built the new city shop/EMS building adjacent to the city well.  
MOTION: To recommend city council approval for the conditional use request to build a 
home on property within the city’s Source Protection Zone 3, as presented to the commission. Also 
to recommend that the property split he approved as presented - after further review of a survey 
plat being prepared and reviewed by the planning commission. The septic system will be located 
outside of Source Protection Zone 3.
By: Commissioner Joyce Barnson
Second: Commissioner Bart Lee
Vote: All were in favor. Motion carried.
3. Open and Public Meetings required training - Utah Code 52-4-104
Recorder Curtis presented information about the rules in the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act in Utah
Code 52-4-104. This section of the code requires each public body of the municipality to receive annual
training on this law. Each member of the planning commission received a handout with information on 
this section of the code.
Commissioners discussed the regulations and questions were answered, especially how this rule applies 
to the planning commission.      
4. Commission assignments - research proposed land use ordinance amendments-fencing
Commissioner Stewart has prepared a first draft of information in the land use ordinance that has been 
discussed previously. He shared a list of concerns with nothing new to add.
Joyce reviewed other community ordinances. There are lots of different ideas 
Bart said that a lot of cities are working on fencing and enforcement issues.
Kamelle feels that we may be too restrictive in what we are trying to accomplish - are we over thinking 
the problem?   
Leon reviewed our current fence ordinance. We need to address open line- of- sight.
Change that a building permit shall be required, not may be required.  Take out #8  
Define driveway ? Access?  Entrance? 
Bart discussed side yards, front yard set back. He would like to see 30' not 40' with interior lot or side 
We need to address agricultural needs but also recognize safety issues.
Might change maximum height to 3' instead of 4' with no view obscuring planting. State instead be
specific with 8' heights.
Exception if 50% visibility. Chain link or vinyl in certain areas. 
Joyce likes to have less restrictive specific rules.
Bart likes to have specifics to avoid lots of different views-ideas- interpretations.
Problem is still how to enforce the ordinance.
Need to address front yard and street corners.
Prior to the next meeting, Emalee will write up what has been proposed tonight for further review. Bart 
and Leon will submit what they would like to see in writing, for further review.
Definitions  - visibility 50%
Definitions - interior lot or side driveways 
Agricultural fence
Entrance not a driveway
Also address plantings in this section.
How to start?  When is a permit required?  Permit required if over 3' tall. First section state a 
building permit is required for fences over 3' tall. If over 8' needs to be engineered.
Safety is first concern.     
Section 700 - fencing building permit required.
The new fire chief and commission member has requested that the planning commission change the 
planning commission meeting night. Commissioner Peterson is now the fire chief, with fire 
meetings held on every Wednesday. Might the commission consider changing their meeting night for 
future meetings?  
The commission suggested meeting on the third Tuesday. Emalee will check with Kamelle and Justin 
to see if this meets with their approval. If so, the commission’s next meeting will be on March 17th. 
5. Adjournment
MOTION: To adjourn 
By: Commissioner Bart Lee 
Second: Commissioner Joyce Barnson 
Vote: All were in favor. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

1 28 2015 Monroe City Planning Commission Meeting Minutes



JANUARY 28, 2015


1.    Meeting called to order by Chairman Leon Stewart: The regular meeting of the Monroe City Planning Commission was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman Leon Stewart. Prayer was offered by Commissioner Bart Lee.


            Chairman: Leon Stewart


                                    Bart Lee

                                    Kamelle Gleave

                                    Joyce Barnson

            Council member:

                                    Fran Washburn


                                    Allison Leavitt

            Excused commissioner Justin Peterson


Commissioner Stewart welcomed Joyce Barnson as new member of planning commission.  She was welcomed and encouraged if she had any questions to feel free to visit with other board members for assistance.

Commissioners reviewed the minutes of the planning commission meeting held November 25, 2014.

Commissioner Bart Lee moved to approve the Monroe City Planning Commission meeting minutes of November 25, 2014 with corrections. Motion seconded by Commissioner Kamelle Gleave. All were in favor. Motion carried.Corrections: Add Commissioner Kamelle Gleave as being present- Page 2 paragraph 3 correct the spelling with the name Willden


2.    Selection of Chairman and Chairman Pro Tempore for 2015

Commission had a discussion on selection for 2015 planning commission chairman.  Leon Stewart, current chairman, explained that he was unsure if he would continue to be a member of the commission for the following year.  With that in consideration Commissioner Gleave moved to reappoint Chairman Leon Stewart as Monroe City Planning Commission and Commissioner Bart Lee as Chairman Pro Tempore for the calendar year 2015. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Joyce Barnson. All were in favor.  Motion carried.

3.    Conditional use business license-amend- Monroe Storage- 725 S. Jones Rd-Construct 20 additional storage units by Kim and Conna Chapman:

After reviewing the drawing and what is on the ground the application appears to be a straight forward request.  Discussion on this proposal, Bart feels it appears to be finishing what was started; Kamelle would like to have on the application how many units will be added.  After further discussion it was discovered that the number of units was addressed on the building plans.

Commissioner Kamelle Gleave moved that the commission recommend that the city council approve the amended conditional use business license for an additional 20 units at Monroe Storage located at 725 S Jones Road. Motion seconded by Commissioner Bart Lee. All were in favor. Motion carried.This item of business will be on the February 10, 2015 city council meeting agenda.

4.    Conditional use business license- “Stampressions” submitted by Ashley Bergum- located at 365 N 100 W

Commission reviewed and discussed business license submitted by Ashley Bergum.  Commissioner Stewart verified that a safety inspection form was completed and Commissioner Gleave asked if Bergum owned the house, which she does. 

Commissioner Bart Lee moved that the commission recommend that the city council approve theconditional use business license for Stampressions located at 365 N 100 W. Motion seconded by Commissioner Kamelle Gleave. All were in favor. Motion carried. This item of business will be on the February 10, 2015 city council meeting agenda.

5.    Commission research assignments- proposed land use ordinance amendments

The planning commission met with the city council January 27th to review the land use ordinances.  After talking with them the planning commission decided to proceed first with addressing the current fence ordinance.

Bart did not want to start completely over again but felt like a review of the issues facing the commission needed to be discussed to bring Joyce up to speed.  The commission spent some time explaining to Joyce what the commission has been in the process of trying to accomplish.

There was a discussion about how to enforce the ordinance and include violations- they want the violation to be standard and simple for everyone to understand- this could be noted with a number which then just the number would be referred to in each land use ordinance.   Also they feel like conditional use building permits need to be reviewed occasionally to make sure what the owners were given permission for is actually what was done on the ground.

Fencing Ordinance Discussion:

Main concern right now is that the current fence ordinanceis too difficult to understand and enforce.  Main concern is how far back property owners need to have a fence that is over four feet tall and view obscuring.

Right now the 30 footsetback comes from the setback for the house if you have a corner lot- the lot then has two frontages to be addressed.

Bart presented the idea of a triangle formula to determine setback for fences.  Leon presented a set footage measurement as a standard set back.  There was a lot of discussion on pros and cons of all ideas.  Bart feels like the ordinance we have right now needs to be totally redone.

Special issue facing a fence ordinance in Monroe is that the roads are not all the same width; we have a lot of blocks with houses on corner lots with a large area of vacant ground in between homes and properties with more than one driveway access.

Other issue to be determined is shrubs, trees, which a building permit is not required, and do we want to make a list of what type of building materials could be used to construct a fence.

After discussion the commission made a list of what they need to clarify in the new ordinance.

List to clarify:

            What constitutes visibility?


            Height to be engineered

            Add language in ordinance in reference to retaining walls

            Different rule if there is a present sidewalk

            Do we want to look at each situation individually and make decision?

            What constitutes fence hedge- living or manmade.

            Construction material

            Define road way – drive way – or access.

            Want it to be enforceable – fair- understandable


Leon asked Bart straight out if he feels like the triangle could be written that any one coming in could understand the ordinance.  Leon like the triangle but thinks the foot measurement makes more sense to common people.  Bart is not locked on triangle because all roads are not the same size in Monroe.

Leon asked each board member to take the current fence ordinance -rewrite it -make notes- do trial run measurement onmultiple properties in Monroe– put their idea in practice and see if one size fits all or if we need to go in another direction. Safety first concern –infringe on property owner- understandable.  Come with their results to the next commission meeting.

Commission set the next meeting for February 25, 2015 at 7:30pm

Commissioner Kamelle moved to adjourn meeting at 9:13 pm.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Joyce Barnson. All were in favor. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.






11 25 2014 Monroe City Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 25, 2014 7:30 p.m.
1. Chairman Leon Stewart conducting 
The regular meeting of the Monroe City Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Leon Stewart at 7:30 p.m. Prayer was offered by Commissioner Kamelle Gleave. 
Commissioner Bart Lee moved to approve the minutes of the October 30, 2014 planning commission meeting as submitted.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Gleave. All were in favor. Motion carried. 
Commissioner Chairman Leon Stewart
Planning Commissioners: Pat Lee, Bart Lee, Fran Washburn, Kamelle Gleave
Commissioner Justin Peterson is excused from tonight’s meeting.
Dave Coe 
Jeremy and Emma Wilden
Members of the commission commented that they appreciated the land use training held in October. They felt they learned a lot that will be helpful. They were glad the city council also participated in this training to better understand the roles of the planning commission and the council.
2.        David Coe - Proposed garage building permit - question on a front yard set back 70 East 200 North
David Coe is remodeling a home he recently purchased. He would like to construct a garage on the west side of the home and has submitted a building permit to the city for this garage. Commissioner Leon Stewart declined to sign approval for this building permit as he felt there was not a 30' set back from the street side frontage. He understands that it may be difficult to establish where the  property line is. There has been a difference of opinion as to whether or not the proposed garage would have the proper front yard set back. He would like the planning commission’s opinion on the set back at this location.
The drawing shows the front of the garage to be in line with the front of the existing porch.
The city land use ordinance states: “Front yard - the minimum set back for any building shall be 30 feet or an average of the set back of main buildings existing in abutting lots.” This proposed new structure would not be in line with the buildings on abutting lots and appears to not be set back 30' from the front property line.
Mr. Coe said he has had three different opinions by city employees about where the property line might be. He asked if there is any tolerance for a variance to the rule?  He was told that this situation does not meet the criteria for a variance, Utah Code 10-9a-702. This request is a self-imposed hardship, based on wants and desires, not a hardship caused by the land.       
Commissioner Stewart said that he appreciates his coming to the planning commission meeting. He hopes he understands that the rules in the land use ordinance have to be followed.
Commissioner Bart Lee said it is hard to determine the location of the property lines without any  survey markers on the property. The location of the power pole, water meter and fence lines have a difference of about 6 feet. 
Commissioner Kamelle Gleave feels he may have 30' to the porch posts. She would like to help him establish the location of the property line. 
The suggestion was made that Google Map might help determine the property line.  Also, the
county has aerial maps and overlays of properties that might help. 
The set back must be 30 feet or in line with main buildings, not set back to the porch posts. 
A motion was made by Commissioner Kamelle Gleave to approve the building permit if there is a 30' set back. She proposes to measure from the back corner of the lot as an established point, to the front yard property line.  The city ordinance was reviewed again. It was felt that this structure must meet the 30 ft set back requirement.
It was determined that a motion was not needed and that Commissioners Kamelle, Fran, Pat, Leon and Bart all agree that if there is a 30' setback from the front property line, the building permit can be approved.  Commissioner Gleave will meet with Mr. Coe to see if they can determine the location of the front property line. 
3. Conditional use business license 153 South  Main - Emma & Jeremy Wilden - crafts and consignment sales “The Country Nook”
Emma and Jeremy WIlden are requesting a conditional use business license for a crafts and consignment sales shop. It will be located at 153 South Main. Parking will be on Main Street. Most items, such as quilts and wood working will be done at home, then brought to the shop to 
sell. The sign will be similar to the old original sign on the building.  There is not a restroom in this building. They provided a written statement from the property owner, granting their approval for this business. 
Commissioner Stewart informed them that approval of the business license is not permission to remodel the building. They will need to get a building permit if they plan to do any plumbing or electrical Work.   
Members of the commission commented that they will be glad to see this previously abandoned Building on Main Street put to good use. 
Commissioner Kamelle Gleave made a motion to recommend approval for a conditional Use business license for “The Country Nook.” Motion seconded by Commissioner Bart Lee.The fire safety check list is to be completed and attached to the application prior to 
submitting the application to the city council for their approval.  All were in favor. Motion carried.
The next city council meeting will be on December 9, 2014. 
5. Adjournment
Commissioner Bart Lee moved to adjourn at 8:06 p.m. Motion seconded by Commissioner Pat Lee. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned.
Approved this 28th day of January, 2015
Emalee H. Curtis
Monroe City Recorder 

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